Enhance your current BAS with

ODIN is complementary to your existing systems.

You no longer need to log into separate platforms to manage buildings on different automation systems. Simply connect your different BAS solutions to ODIN and manage all of your buildings and systems with a single log-in. Best of all, you don’t need to be connected to your building’s network to use it - ODIN gives you true remote access.



  • Integrate and adjust existing
    BACnet trends associated
    with grouped BACnet objects
  • Create new trends in ODIN


  • Integrate and adjust existing BACnet schedules associated with grouped BACnet objects
  • Create new schedules in ODIN
Next Size System


  • Get customized alarm notifications through email, text, and the mobile app
  • Create new alarms in ODIN

Unlimited and Customizable Users

  • Seamlessly add and remove as many users to a site as needed
  • Customize user access for read/write, read-only, and specify object visibility
  • Different users have different needs, and ODIN can accommodate them all:
    • Facility managers
    • HVAC service technicians
    • Tenants
    • Executives
    • Operations staff
    • And more

Mobile app

  • Apple and Android apps are available to make monitoring and operating your system as seamless as possible
  • Remotely set schedules, adjust commandable BACnet objects, view trends, and navigate across all your sites

All of your buildings & systems in one place

Access multiple sites and different automation systems from one intuitive platform using a single log-in.

ODIN is accessible from any PC or mobile device with a supported web browser.

ODIN works with many BACnet vendors

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