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The centerpiece and mission statement of ODIN Building Automation Systems is to provide an integrated user interface to present a complex, technical HVAC system in a simplified format. We use common network connections with computers and mobile devices to leverage internet access and provide a powerful tool to help manage a building’s operation.

The design of ODIN includes being able to scale the system size from very small to very large systems and still maintain the response and management of data. We recognize the four most important issues that a system management requires; ability to adjust set points, to trend data, manage schedules, and to provide notifications including alarms. These features are easily implemented with the ODIN product.

The primary goals of a building owner/operator are to be able to maintain comfort and maximize energy costs. This requires a properly operating system and a way to monitor and service the system if there is a problem. This is where the dealer supported ODIN product is designed to succeed.